About us

My Little Uniform started life at our kitchen table, with a sewing machine and a request from our children for a dress-up box. They wanted a set of nice cosy scrubs like I used to wear at work. Like a lot of businesses, we grew because of a need we experienced ourselves. We wanted realistic dress-up clothes that would last and that our children could enjoy playing in for hours on end. Early on we decided to focus on career costumes and uniforms that represent the people who work in our community. Costumes are a wonderful way for children to connect with the people around them, develop positive relationships, and build an understanding of how their community works.

Costumes allow a child to truly immerse themselves in a character, something we saw many times with our own children growing up and many times since in the messages and pictures sent to us by customers. This type of role-play has tremendous educational benefits in the early years and we wanted to support that. 

We went through an extensive design and development process so that we could find the right production partners and the right team of people to support our business. We are very grateful to work with some amazing people who just get us and identify with our values. Our production partners understand that our little uniforms are not “just costumes” and that rolled hems, reinforces seams and embroidery matter. Our illustrator completely understood our vision for how our business should look and feel.

We are a small business with big ambitions. To start off we focused on a small range of career costumes and as we continue to get requests for new designs we look forward to expanding our range and our operations.

In the evening my daughter waits for her Dad to come in the door. She asks if his back is sore and insists on examining himCatherine C
The attention to detail is great it is like you took a real Doctors outfit and just shrunk it downHeather M
I would not be worried about my daughter going to a party in this, no doubt it will survive the bouncy castle and can easily go in the wash afterwardsKate D

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